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《 Back Invitation | Grow with my Alma mater - Graduation 2022
Nov 26,2022 | TB&TC (in front of the Academic Office)


You are cordially invited to have a share in our joy in our graduation project

Grow with my Alma mater 2022




Origin of the event


Every kindness and warmth on campus turns into a drop of our life. A word of encouragement and care from a teacher, a smile from a fellow student, a few seconds of the school bus driver stopping for you, the unfailing care from the dormitory staff. Every beautiful moment lights up the memory of you and me in CUHK(Shenzhen) and makes us have more ties with this big family.


On the occasion of graduation, the University Foundation Office and the Alumni Affairs Office invite you to integrate your love for your alma mater, your memories of your college days, and your promises and expectations for the future together into the memories of time. 

As flame of fire we gather, as skyful of stars we scatter.

Let's draw a better future together.


Ways of participation

Donate with love, give back with gratitude!

💟 Anyone who participates in the donation, regardless of the amount, will receive a souvenir. If you make a donation of ¥20.22 and repost this article, you will be able to participate in a gacha game at the event. In addition to get the limited edition, you can also get a chance to have a customized souvenir from the Alumni Affairs Office or Foundation!

💟 On the day of the ceremony, graduates can use Polaroid to take photos on site and get an exclusive souvenir photo!

💟 Graduates can write down the words they want to say to their teachers and supervisors, and we will deliver them to the recipients for you. (On-campus only)

💟 The souvenir store "Stones in the Sun" has a donation area where you can receive souvenirs by donating a specific amount.


Purpose of donation

Jacaranda Dream Fund: Aims to provide financial aid to students who suffer family sudden calamities. Every dream deserves a chance to live.


Steps of Donation




Scan QR Code




Click "Donation"



Input donation amount

Fill your information



Confirm your donation


**You can also invite your family and friends to join this meaningful event!



Collect your souvenir

*Collect your souvenir with your screenshot of donation or donation certificate.

Method 1:Pick up on the day of the graduation ceremony

Location: between TB&TC (in front of the Academic Affairs Office)

Time:26th November 8:30 - 12:00


Method 2:Collect in the souvenir store "Stones in the Sun"

Location: Student center sunken plaza

Time:Mon to Fri 9:00-11:30、12:30- 18:00,Sat to Sun 10:00-16:00